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The Wow Woman !!

While I sipped my steaming Café Mocha coffee in the afternoon, I thought of this write up dedicated to the great vacation-less history architect segment. “US”


I work day in day out single handed for all my daily chores from running my apartment, to making food for my better-half and diving back to the data analysis, in between constantly trying to keep everyone around me happy…and trust me even if all this breaks my back I love it. As they say, Variability is one of the merits of a woman!! We are fantabulous at multi tasking unlike the men.. We are presumed to be generally calm and poised; even though we might feel just as men. We, too like men, endure unyielding restraint and utter stagnation. And also, are adept at baking doughnuts, playing piano’s, doing ballets and knitting stockings.


I personally salute each and every woman who works untiringly…women with kids and families, women with in-laws and responsibilities, women with offices and bosses…hats off to you all who do it with rigor and never give up…. By and large, we are the sole workers sans any regular time off. And how many times do we celebrate the beauty and pride of being a Woman. The Working Woman!! Kudos to the undying fortitude of Woman!!


As Marilyn Monroe said once I'm very definitely a woman and I enjoy it